A Passion for Excellence

Léon and Noëlle Maurel launched Phydra with a simple philosophy : offer quality health and beauty products.

Phydra first opened its doors to the public in November 1995 in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. It was an instant success. A second shop opened in the Caudan Waterfront the following year. As word of mouth spread throughout Mauritius, stores in Curepipe and Grand Bay have since sprung up.

With this success, Phydra began to produce its very own line of perfumes, made with rare extracts and alcohol distilled from Mauritian sugar cane.

People often wonder what the name Phydra signifies. It is in fact an acronym coined by Noëlle Maurel from ‘ph balance’ and ‘hydration.’

Phydra is proudly a Mauritian company. Our main manufacturing facility is located in Port Louis, though we also import products from Europe and home décor items from the Orient. 100% vegetable based, Phydra products embody French excellence with the exotic Mauritian touch.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a cherished regular customer, we invite you to discover more about Phydra products.

Our team

Phydra is a small team of enthusiasts who have, for the most part, followed the adventure from 1995 to today.

New products are created for Phydra with the participation and combination of everyone putting all their knowledge into our customers.

Phydra’s highlights ? Specialist advisers in each Phydra store on the island who listen and offer you personalized advice. Feel free to ask.